Asset management

KPAL’s relationships extend into the sourcing and supply of equipment. Whether for Airports, Mining operations or may be road construction, KAPL can assist in this area. Our Partner company Amicus VMS Ltd can help manage both Equipment and the staff on the ground to gain control, visibility and accurate information to manage a business. Recommendations can also be provided along with tentative leasing companies, subject to the usual formalities.

Asset Management

Our sister company, Amicus VMS Limited based in the UK, can offer full asset management from Equipment to Staff.  
Amicus VMS offers a new level of versatility and intelligence in information management. The system  has been  
designed to address all issues relating to the effective and efficient management of vehicles and drivers. The system  
offers many outstanding benefits, including:-

Improved productivity and efficiency
Cost Efficiency
Health & Safety compliance
Enhanced vehicle/equipment security and tracking
Journey and driver monitoring
Taxation savings
Potentially reduce insurance costs
Greater fuel efficiency
Environmental benefits